We protect billion dollar companies.

Full protection of websites, webshops, web applications and APIs against hackers.
No Hardware, No Software, No IT experts needed.
24/7 Customer Service and SOC Monitoring.

Easy to use. 5 minute setup.

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Cybersecurity Excellence AwardsFortress Cybersecurity AwardTOP 25 Information Security Solutions 2018

What we believe in?

Protecting key assets.

Today Websites, Webshops, Applications and APIs are the key assets, that allow organisations to function efficiently. That’s why they need to be protected.

Cyber-Security is challenging.

Securing this key infrastructure from Hackers, Bots, Data Theft and DoS Attacks, with Top Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Experts working 24/7/365 can be difficult and costly.

Grey Wizard brings solution.

Now Grey Wizard brings this easy to use, All-In-One, A.I powered, Managed Security Service to every company small to large, at a fraction of the cost.

How does it work?


Grey Wizard Shield provides comprehensive 24h / 7 security against all kinds of cyber attacks.
It works as a reverse proxy. In other words it’s a server between a internet user and the server where your website is located. It “filters” the whole webtraffic allowing only legitimate users and good bots to pass through.

All-in-one Security

Grey Wizard provides all it’s clients with round the clock detailed traffic monitoring done by cybersecurity experts and customer service working 24/7

Grey Wizard in a nutshell

Scale of cyber-threats on internet.

Since you came to our website we recorded.This is real data live:
Website requests
blocked attacks.

"There are only two types of companies: Those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked."

- Robert Muller, Director of FBI

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