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Cybersecurity Excellence Awards
Cybersecurity Excellence Awards
Fortress Cybersecurity Award
Fortress Cybersecurity Award

What we do?

Grey Wizard provides comprehensive and continuous protection against cyberattacks. It protects against DDoS threats and ensures security of web applications. Our expert knowledge supported by artificial intelligence helps to quickly detect and respond to threats of all types.

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How does Grey Wizard Shield work?

Grey Wizard Shield comprises advanced mechanisms supported by artificial intelligence. It protects a webpage both against well-known attack types and against new cyberthreats. Properly defined rules filter out incorrect packets and attack attempts, so that the website receives only clean traffic. To activate the shield (protection), it is not necessary to make any changes to the applications. The whole HTTP/HTTPS traffic is directed to the Grey Wizard filtering layers. Advanced filters thoroughly inspect each packet and request. Our sites distributed among various parts of the world enable the attacks to be effectively blocked at the source. Thanks to the proper location of the servers, relevant statistical data can be transmitted to the nearest data center. This contributes to the reduced page load time. Our specialist expertise supported by advanced technologies and machine learning helps to effectively block any attacks.

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