About us

Grey Wizard was established in response to real problems related to the cybercrime increase. We are aware that the increase of the number and volume of cyberattacks creates serious threats to many online companies. We are also aware of the severity of each attack and the losses consequential to it. That is why our top priority is to provide highest-class protection against cyberattacks.

The Grey Wizard team consists of veterans of the Polish Internet, including managers with perfect understanding of the e-commerce business processes and engineers specializing in state-of- the-art technologies. Some of them have participated in the development and protection of Allegro Group, one of the largest European e-commerce companies, and of OLX Group advertising services.

Grey Wizard is a team of real enthusiasts and experts with thorough knowledge of the cybersecurity field.


Grey Wizard Sp. z o.o.
Piekary 12/12
60-101 Poznań
NIP 7792422423
REGON 302744400
KRS 0000512326


Radosław Wesołowski
Tomasz Drożdżyński
Businessman, investor, founder among others OLX.pl
Michał Grzybkowski
Investor, businessman, founder of Beyond.pl
Łukasz Lato
Experienced IT department manager including CTO at Naspers Classifieds
Rafał Skrzypek
Experienced expert in critical infrastructure management


Investment fund, experienced in the global market
Rafał Kula
Businessman, investor
Sebastian Kulczyk
Businessman, experienced investor


Łukasz Braciszewski
DevOps Engineer
Oleg Daroszewski
Business Development Manager
Marcin Gałęcki
User Experience Specialist
Paweł Gawinek
Security engineer
Bartłomiej Krukowski
Backend Expert Developer
Andrzej Prałat
Machine Learning Engineer
Krzysztof Rafał
Key Account Manager
Tomasz Rozynek
Network Operating Center Engineer
Wojciech Rybicki
Machine Learning Engineer
Dominika Styszyńska
Office Manager
Marzena Trembecka
Content Specialist
Oskar Wojciski
Expert Software Engineer

What we do?

Every day we hear about new cyberattacks, their victims, and huge consequences of cybercriminals’ actions. That is why at Grey Wizard we treat the cybersecurity world as our natural environment. We analyze the cyberspace on a daily basis and test new cybersecurity solutions, making sure that the conclusions are directly reflected in our system. We continuously introduce new intelligent mechanisms and additional functionalities enabling us to further improve the effectiveness and speed of detection of various attacks.

In our daily analytical work, we are supported by advanced artificial-intelligence algorithms based on machine learning. Such combination of the human factor and artificial intelligence guarantees rapid identification and mitigation of cyberattacks. Thanks to that synergy, we can achieve one of the highest cyberattack mitigation effectiveness rates, thus providing our customers with the best possible protection of their Internet business.

How do we stand out?

  • Proprietary solution.
  • Newest technologies.
  • Grey Wizard Shield is based on highly-advanced algorithms with machine learning. The self-learning system improves the effectiveness, enabling us to quickly identify and capture malicious traffic to the webpage.
  • Outstanding minds of our engineers.
  • Openness to individual needs of our customers.
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis.
  • Rapid response to potential threats.
  • 24/7/365 availability of our specialists.
  • Grey Wizard is more than just protection. It also means support to our Customers’ IT departments, as well as reliability and effectiveness. We ensure business continuity and security of Customers’ online business.

Where are we?

You will find us on Piekary street 12 in Poznań


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