Marzena Trembecka
Marzena Trembecka

How much does a DDoS attack cost us? What influences its price?

DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) are currently ones of the most popular cyberattacks. They are also a profitable activity in the world of cybercriminals. The prices of this type of attacks start from USD 7.00 an hour.

Unfortunately, for the victim, even such a short time of attack may result in the loss of thousands dollars. The increasing number of DDoS on the black market and relatively low prices makes it possible that anyone could falls victim to such an attack.

How much is DDoS attack?

Experts from Kaspersky lab conducted a thorough research which proved that a 300-seconds attacks might be acquired by USD 5.00. An attack that lasts 24 hours costs about USD 400.00. The research demonstrates that the average attack price is PLN 25.00 and cybercriminals organising DDoS attacks earn about USD 18.00 per hour.

Obviously, a price depends on numerous factors, such as the length, type and volume of an attack. There are lots of offers.

Price list of some of the major "providers" of DDoS attacks

Cybercriminals demand USD 400.00 daily (and even more) for conducting an attack against a website or a server which uses anti-DDoS protection. These are, for example, government, financial or store websites which store sensitive data. This is four times higher the price than in the event of an attack against an unsecured website.

Price list from one of the Russian "companies" offering DDoS attacks

"Top" level DDoS service

On the black market, there are many websites which offer conducting a DDoS attack. The level and the method of presenting services connected with organising a DDoS attack does not differ much from legal service websites. "Service providers" guarantee effectiveness, timeliness, an attractive price and fast conducting of an attack by means of advanced methods.

A significant difference can be seen only in a contacting method (lack of direct contact: service provider - customer) and payments. Most frequently, it is necessary to pay in Bitcoins but there are also websites allowing PayPal or Skrill payments.

"Service providers" offer a convenient registration panel where customers may choose a desirable "offer", pay and receive a report on attacks. Some websites offer loyalty programmes.

Login panel

Login panel

The consequences of DDoS attacks

The prices and the volume of DDoS attacks available "on the market" range from a few to a few hundreds of dollars. Even the smallest attack can generate high losses, not only financial but also image-related ones. Sectors which are most exposed to attacks include: e-commerce, government institutions, banks, financial institutions, hospitals and small and medium-sized companies.

An example of a DDoS attack which generated a few millions of losses was an attack conducted in 2013 at The service was attacked for a few months. Many users had a blocked access to services.

A DDoS attack made the largest auction portal in Poland incur enormous financial and image losses. Many people had no chance of purchasing or selling. The loss of trust caused by a DDoS attack on was incurred not only by the auction service but also people and companies conducting a selling activity. Everyone, not only, incurred high financial losses.

Cybercriminals constantly look for cheaper methods which will allow them to carry out attacks. Experts from Kaspersky Lab noticed that the profitability of one attack may exceed 95%. They predict that in the future an average cost of DDoS attacks will drop, whereas their frequency will increase.

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