Oskar Wojciski
Oskar Wojciski

Optimization and image compression - new functionality in the Grey Wizard user panel

At Grey Wizard we are constantly working on the development and functionality of Grey Wizard Shield, our own product and the user panel connected to it. One of the recently introduced functionalities is the ability to incorporate image compression and minification of static files.

Everything takes place without the need for changes on the client's server side. All you need to do is turn on the right settings in the client's panel.

Activating this functionality will have a positive impact on page loading speed and application performance and will reduce the transfer of data to client servers.

Image compression

In the service administration panel, it is possible to set image compression and static files. Image compression takes place in the Grey Wizard server cache memory. There are three types of image compression:

Lossless compression - reduction of files up to 8% without affecting the image quality Low compression - file size reduction up to 82%, minimal quality loss - usually invisible to the naked eye High compression - reduction of files up to 88%, noticeable loss of quality

Kompresja obrazu Grey Wizard

Types of images that compress:

  • PNG,
  • GIF,
  • JPEG.

Optimization of static files

Optimization of static files is possible by removing white marks, comments and metadata. Types of static files that are compression:

  • CSS
  • SVG
  • JS
  • JSON.

Panel Grey Wizard

Activating the above-mentioned functionalities requires enabling the option of static file caching in the administration panel.

Benefits resulting from the introduced functionalities:

  • faster page loading or application launch,
  • saving data transfer - queries about cached files do not go to your servers.
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Oskar Wojciski

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