Marzena Trembecka
Marzena Trembecka

Report: Cybersecurity in Q4 2017

The 21st century is undoubtedly the age of technology. Computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, IoT devices, cars and also people and companies are connected to the network. It is estimated that their number will exceed 50 billion by 2020. Such a solution facilitates work and everyday life, but at the same time raises threats on a previously unknown scale.

Modern cybersecurity is facing many challenges, and knowledge in the field of cyber threats is becoming obsolete almost every day. Providing adequate protection, finding the right and effective methods of repelling cyber attacks is a challenge for security specialists. Proper identification of the threat and procedures for dealing with security incidents are a priority in the fight against threats.

Summary of cybersecurity in the world in 2017

In 2017, there were many data breaches. Information about the theft of data from Equifax, Verizon or Kmart runs the world. The infrastructure of many companies was also paralyzed by the attacks of Petya, WannaCry, and BadRabbit. All these incidents of security breaches brought huge financial and image losses. To make massive cyber attacks, hackers also used IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

2017 is primarily ransomware attacks, malware, phishing, attacks on the network layer, DDoS attacks and botnets. The most common target of cyberattacks were companies from the energy, healthcare, retail and production sectors. The financial sector and state institutions were also at risk. The effects of hacking attacks are first of all financial losses, loss of reputation and customers.

The origin country of cyber attacks

In the fourth quarter of 2017, we registered 167 324 652 attacks. Most, as many as 22,04% of all security incidents and attacks that were targeted at websites protected by Grey Wizard Shield came from France.

In second place among the source countries of cyberattacks was Great Britain - 20.08%. The countries from which we registered increased traffic are also Germany 18.73%, United States 9.07% and Poland 7.81%.

Other countries with a fairly high rate of incidents and involvement of cybercriminals are Netherlands 5.12% and Canada 2.35%.

We also registered cyber activity from Slovenia 1.60%, Romania 1.53% and Moldova 1.35%.

Attacks from other countries amounted to 10,32%. These include countries with incidents and attacks below 1%. They were, among others Ukraine 0,95% and Hungary 0,73%.

The duration of cyber attacks

The most, as much as 52.83% were attacks lasting less than 30 minutes. Immediately after, we registered attacks that lasted from 1-3 hours. These attacks accounted for 28.77% of all incidents. 18.40% were attacks from 30-60 minutes and from 3-6 hours (18.87%).

The least cyber attacks, because only 1.42% are attacks lasting from 12-24 hours and over 24 hours. From these data, it appears that attacks under 30 minutes "enjoy" on the black market the most popular. This is due to the low cost of such attacks (the cost is a few to a dozen or so dollars).

Cybercriminals use short but intense attacks to disrupt the operation of Internet services, while they are aware that even a temporary lack of access to the website is able to generate many losses.

Challenges and threats to security in 2018

We will remember 2017 year as a year of massive hacker attacks such as Petya, WannaCry or Bad Rabbit. This is also the year in which many data violations occurred, in particular in the case of Equifax, Verizon and Kmart. A security incident at banks and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority was a high-profile event in Poland.

The last year has shown that enterprises and public institutions face a huge challenge related to ensuring security for companies and sensitive data. It is important because the average amount of data breach increased by almost 2%. New techniques and methods of cybercriminals make business protection more and more difficult, and the risk of cyber-attack is constantly increasing.

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