We protect the Nokaut.pl website against DDoS attacks

Nokaut.pl is a leader on the Polish e-commerce market. As one of the most recognizable price comparison engines in Poland, it has been for many years a source of information to millions of consumers about prices of products available online. Also, Nokaut.pl is an independent expert service providing the public with current analytical data on online shopping.

The number of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks increases globally every year. They attempt to paralyze the network infrastructure and applications by consuming all server memory resources and ultimately completely disabling the webpage/service.

A properly prepared attack, nowadays typically in the form of distributed attack, combined with more and more advanced tools used by cybercriminals, may have a devastating impact on the services. Unfortunately, effective protection against such attacks becomes more and more difficult, also for the largest and most trusted organizations.

The first attack

On July 21, 2016, the monitoring systems alerted the Nokaut.pl staff that the website is unavailable to the price comparison engine customers and API partners. The servers were flooded with so much traffic that the protection systems were unable to cope with the request volume. In an instant, all servers were cut off. The team managed by Marcin Grzybowski responded immediately.

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