Why testing of precaution against ddos is important

DDOS attacks are currently the most possible danger for firms working in net and their consequences can be much farther than IT only due to the fact they cause real, measurable finance and image loss. This type of attacks can constantly evolve and are more and more precise.

What are ddos tests

DoS/DDoS tests are run to check out current protection of your internet application and net infrastructure. Test itself is able to generate a large scale movement according to set scenario. Simulations are run on different levels of OSI model starting at volumetric attacks and ending up with application penetration tests. It is possible to generate movement up to 10Gbps+ as well as to prepare a test using many unique IP addresses. At the end client receives a detailed report of found vulnerability, evaluate set precaution as well as recommendation for security improvement.

Are those tests legal

Yes, before the start of testing process we verify client, sign up agreement, precise range of activities and detail its procedures. According to our work ethic it is impossible to test against DDoS attack without previous signed agreement.

What types of attacks will be tested

We treat each case individually and therefore every client receive own testing program according to their need. It is possible to run the following tests:

  • volumetric attacks (UDP/TCP)
  • TCP stack attacks (e.g. Synflod)
  • application attacks
  • Slowloris, SlowPOST attacks
  • SSL attacks
  • botnet simulation attack
  • HTTP Flood type attack

How big attack can be attacks

Attacks directly depend on client’s requirement. In most cases attacks up to 1GBps would cause problem, however, it is also possiible to generate a movement up to 10Gbps+. Application attack on the other hand does not require a massive link but only expert knowledge to precise the most vulnerable points of service

Why Grey Wizard

Grey Wizard specialize in internet application protection and tackle hundred of security incidents every day. We are able to recognise methodology of cyber criminals and effectively protect our clients. Because on our work nature our team of engineers every day gain new level of knowledge which next use in practise to improve security level of your application.

If you are interested in cooperation with Grey Wizard, please fill in the contact form Our sales team will contact you soon and help you to choose best cooperation model.