Let's start cooperation with Grey Wizard

Do you run a consulting business, deliver solutions against cyber security or protection against DDoS attacks? If so, we would like to encourage you to start cooperation with Grey Wizard to gain a new source of incomes.

Direct benefits

  • Market position reinforcement.
  • Possibility to grow and develop new clients base.
  • Widening your offer.
  • New source of income generated by sales without own investment outlay.

Cooperation models

  • Partner model - you offer our services as authorized partner.
  • Reseller model - you offer our services under your brand.
  • Cowork model - we prepare offers together according to client’s specific requirement.

What do we offer

  • Help to organise conference and coaching for current and future clients.
  • Full support in solution implementation for specific client.
  • Constant technical support and advice on and after project.
  • Support in sales and marketing development.

How to start

If you are interested in cooperation with Grey Wizard, please fill in the contact form Our sales team will contact you soon and help you to choose best cooperation model.