Our real-time view provides accurate overview of the application level traffic. You can monitor such attacks in real time, analyze the malicious traffic flow and adjust your security measures. As an indispensable security tool, Grey Wizard provides real-time information which enables data-driven response to DDoS threats.

The real-time view of statistics provides accessible information you can act on, allowing instant data-driven response to DDoS threats. The eight different real-time visualizations enable access to the following up-to-date information about:

  • Response times
  • Response HTTP Codes
  • Top URLs
  • Global distribution
  • Bandwidth usage
  • Grey Wizard actions

Live data - make the right decision

Making good choices quickly is just as important as the overall security strategy. Real-time reporting is vital, as it helps you take the right security decisions. Accurate visibility into DDoS attacks on the application level provides you and your security team with the necessary information to respond to any possible threat instantly. The list of examples below shows you the information about the current attacks and their details.