Domain Names System (DNS)

What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System) is a system of servers, communication protocols, and services storing information about domain addresses. DNS enables translation of the domain names into addresses understandable to the computer-network devices.

A complex DNS system supports registration of Internet domain names and associating them with specific IP numbers.

Thanks to the DNS system, we can use Internet addresses made of letters and digits, subsequently translated into strings recognizable by the computer network. For example, the domain is translated into

The DNS communication protocol enables our customers to connect with our servers to get the protection.

How to enter the DNS settings?

The DNS server settings are changed from the domain management panel. Before using the Grey Wizard Shield service, you must update from the website management panel the A and CNAME records in the DNS zone.

When the changes are saved, the Grey Wizard Shield protection becomes active and your webpage becomes secure.

What should I change in my webpage settings?

If you plan to use the Grey Wizard Shield protection, you must know that the whole traffic has to be filtered and monitored. To achieve that, you should change your DNS settings so that the protected domains and subdomains point to our IP addresses.

Is there another method of changing the settings?

Yes, there is another method of changing the settings. You may use the BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) protection mode. This option is particularly recommended for larger companies that have their own IP address sets.

The connection process in the BGP mode is much longer and requires changes to the network infrastructure of your company.

If your company is large, with its own IP address set, and you want to take advantage of the Grey Wizard Shield protection, please contact our technical department.

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