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These days access to your personal account at any time of day or night around the world is the standard of any banking service. However, to keep the whole process running smoothly, all personal data must be properly protected. Customers should be assured that their money and personal data is safe. It is also important to have constant access to the banking service.

Breaking the site, leaking personal data, or stealing money from your account can result in millions of financial and institutional losses and loss of customers. According to IBM Security Trends in Financial Services sector, the number of cyberattackers in the financial sector has increased by 65% ​​in recent years.

The financial and banking business needs a solution that guarantees uninterrupted protection against cyber attacks. This is what the Grey Wizard Shield is all about. This is a solution that uses machine learning to fight cyber attacks. Protects against all types of DDoS attacks and provides protection for the network layer and application layer. Web Application Firewall will protect your website from data theft.

What will you gain by using the Grey Wizard Shield?

  • The best protection against all types of DDoS attacks
  • Web Application Firewall protection
  • Successful repelling of volume attacks, multi-sector attacks
  • Dedicated solution created for the financial industry
  • A modern solution that uses machine learning in the fight against cyber attacks
  • Support and monitoring 24/7

In cyber protection there is no compromise.

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