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Government bodies have a huge confidence of their citizens. No one but voters entrust their personal data to public institutions and believe that the state will provide them with the highest protection. Data security at government offices should be a priority.

Attacks directed at state institutions are most commonly DDoS attacks that are carried out from unprotected Internet Facilities (IoT). It's also every kind of phishing attacks, malware or ransomware.They have impact on the decrease in confidence in state institutions and paralyze the entire system.

Nowadays, protection against any cyber-security threats resting on the state can not compromise. Data leaks are of daily occurrence, and hackers use increasingly sophisticated methods to carry out cyber attacks. Technology development involves the development of threats. Traditional methods of protection are not effective.

Government institutions are particularly exposed to cyber attacks. The purpose of hackers is not only sensitive data of citizens of a given country. Cybercriminals are also trying to manipulate elections and other political events. Such actions bring chaos and confusion, and among the population they create confusion and a decrease in confidence in state institutions.

To avoid this type of situation, it is worth to ensure the highest protection. Our experience in protection against cyber threats makes us that we effectively protect against DDoS attacks and evil bots. Thanks to WAF, we also repel attacks on the application layer.

Only the highest protection will ensure total security

What will you gain by using the Grey Wizard Shield?

  • The best application protection thanks to the Web Application Firewall
  • Protection against all types of DDoS attacks
  • Designed to mitigate multi-vector attacks
  • Service that uses machine learning to recognize and counteract the threat more quickly
  • Security of personal data, protection of accessibility and content of the website
  • 24/7 security monitoring and protection against cyber attacks

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