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Health care security

Protect your life-saving network

For doctors, the most important is the health of patients, whereas for cyber-defense specialists is to protect personal data, medical records. In the fight for the patient's life, doctors use all available means. Cyber-defense specialists work in a similar way. They do not compromise in contact with hackers.

Patients expect from the health care service to ensure that their medical records are safe. That is why healthcare organizations have a huge responsibility to ensure that all documents containing sensitive data are properly protected.

Cybersecurity is designed to prevent the theft of medical records. Because of the amount of information processed by hospitals, they are a titbit for hackers. Sensitive data can be used for vile purposes such as fraud, identity theft or simply sold on the black market.

Hackers threaten not only patients' personal data. They are able to block access to services offered by a medical unit, block a hospital system or access to medical equipment connected to the Internet. This action is able to paralyze the whole hospital.

At Grey Wizard we understand how critical data is stored by hospitals and healthcare organizations. Therefore, using machine-based technology, we are able to effectively counter cyber attacks and prevent data loss.

What will you gain with Grey Wizard Shield?

  • The best protection against all types of DDoS attacks
  • Web Application Firewall protection
  • Effective repulsion of volume, multi-vector attacks
  • A dedicated solution created for the financial industry
  • A modern solution using machine learning in the fight against cyber attacks
  • 24/7 support and monitoring

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