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Internet of Things security

Innovative solutions require the best protection

Internet of Things becoming a standard not only in homes but also in offices, factories, telecommunications. This robust network of intelligent networked devices enables remote monitoring and control of tools and data exchange and analysis.

The past two decades have been a dynamic and rapid development of technology. The emergence of innovative IoT devices in our everyday lives has changed its quality. Business and production have grown even more. Flexible solutions tailored to our needs make it easier for us to operate everyday and automate work, making it even more efficient.

The rise of Internet of Things devices and level of their advancement and the amount of stored data makes them the target of hacker attacks more and more often. The "Internet Security Threat Report" (2017) indicates that hackers only need 2 minutes to take over the IoT device. Cybercriminals not only steal sensitive data but also use IoT devices to take control of them. They often use it to carry out more cyberattacks.

Does the development of IoT devices go hand in hand with security? The fact is that IoT has changed and still is changing our lifestyle. For all devices to work properly, each producer is obliged to ensure not only the safety of the devices but also their users.

Grey Wizard Shield is our proprietary solution, which, thanks to the use of machine learning solutions, is able to effectively protect your Internet devices against all types of DDoS attacks. Advanced Web Application Firewall algorithms effectively protect and prevent theft of confidential data. Our solution guarantees protection and provides security of sensitive data.

Grey Wizard's cyberattack security solutions provide comprehensive protection for the entire IoT platform. In the 21st century artificial intelligence, supported by the knowledge of the best experts, is able to effectively resist any threat. Sensitive data used by the Internet of Things require the highest protection.

What will you gain by using the Grey Wizard Shield?

  • The best protection against all types of DDoS attacks
  • Web Application Firewall protection
  • Successful repelling of volume attacks, multi-sector attacks
  • A modern solution that uses machine learning in the fight against cyber attacks
  • Support and monitoring 24/7

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