In the latest issue of Forbes magazine, Radosław Wesołowski, co-founder and CEO of Grey Wizard talks the story of an ongoing cyberwar and the use of artificial intelligence to fight with criminals. Also draws attention to the still irreverent approach to the subject of security by Polish entrepreneurs and symbolic budgets, despite the awareness of the scale of contemporary threats. In an interview, there is also information about the potential of the team, the company’s development and global expansion.

Always in the cyber-security systems, the weakest link is a person who is susceptible to sociotechnical attacks, often not paying attention to IT security. This is confirmed by numerous studies, including PriceWaterhouseCoopers, according to which 68 percent of companies admit that the greatest threat to IT security comes from within, from their own employees. - says Radosław Wesołowski, co-founder and CEO of Grey Wizard.

Can vloggers and youtubers feel safe on the web? Are they vulnerable to cyberattacks? Unfortunately, they are. YouTube is a huge business and hackers favor that direction of attack. In ApyNews, we write about the threats to be watched out on and about DDoS, one of the most paralyzing forms of hacker attacks.

Radosław Wesołowski, CEO, Grey Wizard, talks about whether data in the cloud is safe and whether cyberattacks on cloud solutions are possible. The expert points out to the necessity of encrypting the connections and data and of having defined and implemented a data access policy. He also emphasizes two-factor authentication and biometric solutions, as well as proper protection of public APIs (application programming interfaces).

According to the newest data of the Police Headquarters, more than 4 thousand banking-fraud crimes were committed in Poland during the period from January to September 2015 only. Radosław Wesołowski, CEO, Grey Wizard, talks about phishing, one of the most widespread Internet-related frauds in Poland.

One of the most cardinal errors in investment processes in the IT security area is selecting technologies which are not appropriate for the scale and nature of the threats faced today by the given organization. The ITWiz editors ask our expert, Radosław Wesołowski, how to respond to DDoS attacks, one of the biggest threats to IT departments today.


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