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According to Gartner, API will be the most frequent attack vector by 2020. Grey Wizard provides custom-built API protection solution. GET TRIAL

Combine, Analyze and Detect

Grey Wizard combines different API calls into one session in order to analyze them deeply with our Machine Learning mechanisms. These algorithms detect malicious actions and stop attackers.

Schema Validation

GW shield has many layers. One of them is of course simple XML schema validation (and JSON). But we can have also apply additional conditions that must be met in order for the data to be accepted and sent to the API - XML tags ordered, required.

Deep Behavioural Analysis and Spoofing Detection

In addition to verifying individual API requests, our system monitors all traffic from a single source examining its behavior and probability of spoofing. (commonly used by: robots, scripts and hackers)

API Response Analysis and Verification

In addition to the analysis of all communication from the customer to the API, the answers are also verified. It is also possible to respond appropriately to the content returned by the API itself. This allows you to prepare leak detection and prevention.

Live Source Reputation Analisis

The reputation of individual sources is constantly examined. Grey Wizard API Protection investigates parameters like IPs, the software version of a used browser, headers, fingerprints, etc.

Certificates for authentication and authorization

Sometimes clients require to support their own certificates for authentication and authorisation. Grey Wizard does include such additional measures.

Individual Approach

The GW service itself can be largely adapted to the client’s needs. Our cybersecurity experts analyze clients traffic characteristics and apply special measures if needed.

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