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Grey Wizard Shield ensures effective protection against cyberattacks, including volume-based and network-oriented attacks. A technology based on machine learning ensures high effectiveness of the measures and helps to quickly detect any potential threats.

In the Internet era, protecting the website against hacker attacks should be regarded as a core principle of any online business. Protection against cyberattacks is the top priority in all sectors dealing with sensitive personal data or money. Active security and protection against such incidents leads to more trust from the customers and to cost savings in case of an actual attack.

How to integrate your system with the Shield?

To activate protection against cyberattacks, you do not need specialist programming skills. The service integration and deployment takes only 15 minutes. Those minutes devoted to activation of Grey Wizard Shield are a big investment not only in the security, but also in the time and money of your company.

To activate the security system, perform the following five very simple steps:

  • 1. Activate your account
  • 2. Log into the User Panel
  • 3. Add you webpage
  • 4. Update the A and CNAME records in your DNS zone
  • 5. Protection is enabled

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