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In the world of modern technologies, pervasive Internet access, and common IoT devices, cyberattacks are unavoidable. Our security is threatened not only in the real world, but first of all in the virtual world.

Every day we log into our social profiles, use Internet banking services, buy in online stores, and perform many other online activities requiring submittal of our personal data.

Our personal data (such as full name, e-mail address, phone number, credit card number) is left everywhere, but constitutes valuable loot for cybercriminals. That is why data protection on the web is so important nowadays.

The mission of Grey Wizard is to mitigate DDoS, network-oriented, application-oriented, and volumetric attacks. The company was established by people involved in creating Allegro Group and the OLX Group advertising portal, among other projects. Our world-class experts care for security of our Customers.

We continuously develop our protection systems, using machine-learning mechanisms and our knowledge and experience.

Our experts are enthusiasts of modern technologies, with vast knowledge of cybersecurity. Therefore the challenges they face in the cybersecurity area positively affect the development and quality of our products.

We protect our Customers against all types of DDoS attacks. Our knowledge and activities are supported by solutions based on artificial intelligence.

Grey Wizard guarantees business continuity and security of your online business.


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