Load Balancing

Load Balancing ensures failure-free and optimal operation of network connections. With balanced server loads, it is possible to increase availability of servers or data centers without purchasing expensive hardware. Load Balancing is achieved among others by optimization of the request selection.

How does load balancing work?

If the target server is overloaded or geographically distant, the quality of your website may deteriorate, leading to increased server latency and lower quality perceived by page visitors.

Load Balancing is an ideal solution when you have an infrastructure with multiple servers. Load Balancing will even out the traffic to the servers, resulting in smoother traffic, faster response times, and less load to the parent servers.

Load Balancing does not require purchasing additional hardware or expensive software. The only thing to do is to define IP addresses. If any problems with a server are detected, requests to it will be automatically distributed among the remaining machines.

Load Balancing between data centers

The traffic coming to the webpage and its frequency are variable. You never know when the traffic might increase. So even if you have multiple data centers, it is desirable to balance the load between them.

If any server becomes unavailable, the traffic will be automatically redirected to another one. The website will maintain smooth traffic and the user will receive a response to their request.

Load Balancing is based on advanced algorithms detecting the information and redirecting it to the proper server. The algorithms take into consideration various factors, such as random selection, load statistics, response time, and geographic location. In case of systems processing large amounts of data, it is recommended to use multilayer balanced load.

Monitoring and notifications

Grey Wizard security systems continuously monitor and detect anomalies in the responses returned by your applications. If the system detects an unnaturally large number of HTTP responses of the 50* type (standard error codes), it sends a notification. Thanks to our supervision and load balancing, you can be sure that your webpage works properly.


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