Real-time monitoring

Cybersecurity requires continuous monitoring. By recording all incidents in real time, we can ensure the highest level of security. Continuous monitoring enables us to quickly identify attacks and rapidly respond to them.

The customer-managed User Panel enables continuous monitoring of network parameters, users, and security incidents. Convenient charts and diagrams provide a quick overview of all activities related to webpage security. A convenient account-panel view provides continuous insight into all incidents.

Real-time monitoring is a convenient function enabling the user to view the current status of website protection and optionally to set selected parameters. In case of an attack, the real-time view facilitates further security measures.

The most important incident forms are presented visually, in a convenient way. Among many others, the user has access to the following values:

  • response time
  • HTTP response codes
  • popular URL addresses
  • popular traffic/attack generating countries
  • link usage
  • activities of and webpage supervision by Grey Wizard experts

Continuous website protection and monitoring reduce the number of attacks and their consequences. With rapid response and threat identification, it is possible to effectively mitigate the cyberattack. Our customers may view information about each incident occurring at their webpages. The User Panel, simple and intuitive to use, presents all key information related to webpage security.


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