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The Challange

OWASP TOP 10 attacks like SQL Injection(SQLi), Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Local File Inclusion, Account Takeover, Distributed Brute Force, DDoS and other layer 7 are only some of the most popular attacks, that hackers perform these days. Malicious actors can gain access of your databases, modify your website, infect or even take control of your web infrastructure. Sometimes it takes 300 days to detect such attacks.

Why did we build another WAF?

Our experience with protecting multi billion dollar ecommerces taught us 4 things:

  • Signature-based, ModSecurity WAFs are easy to bypass.
  • Heuristics and Machine learning is a very powerful technology to combat hackers
  • “One for all solution” will never work as good as a custom-build for specific client.
  • Companies don’t have time and resources to manage their web security 24/7.

These experiences lead us to building Grey Wizard with three main ideas:

Innovative Technologies

Machine Learning, A.I. and Behaviour Based Anomaly Detection that we’ve developed for past 5 years allow us to detect even unknown attacks or distributed brute force. GW WAF is also prepared for Zero-day exploits.

Custom build for each client

One-for-all solution rarely works as good as custom-build service. That's why around 90% of our WAF is tailored to clients specific needs and traffic characteristics. Static rules and patches from external providers like Magento or Wordpress represent only 10% of GW WAF.

Managed Service 24/7

WebSecurity is challenging and often requires constant monitoring. We understand, that our clients want to focus on their core business. That's why they tend to outsource 100% of their work to our Security Operation Center working 24/7.

How is Grey Wizard WAF is build?

How does Machine Learning and Behaviour Based Anomaly Protection work?

From the very beginning when a domain is connected to our infrastructure we model the traffic of our client using 63 different metrixes, for example: we make a detailed cookie analysis of each request, we measure the levels of similarities of requests, we measure the % of requests from TOR networks, etc Then when our software detects an anomaly we react to it after a deeper inspection. GreyWizard uses Captcha if it detects a BOT or simply blocks the IP in case of a detected hacker.

Currently 21% of our threats is detected by Machine Learning and Behavioural Based anomaly detection. The rest is captured by static rules, personalized rules and patches against zero-day exploits.

Individual Approach

The GW service itself can be largely adapted to the client’s needs. Our cybersecurity experts analyze clients traffic characteristics and apply special measures if needed.

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