BOTs break into customer accounts, create fake accounts, scrapp valuable content, publish spam, disrupt analytics and perform simple hacking attacks. Grey Wizard keeps your website safe from all of them.

Designed to stop BOTs

Grey Wizard Shield was originally designed to block BAD BOTs attacks. We stop them from reaching your web infrastructure. The Shield uses a combination of static rules as well as advanced algorithms of Machine Learning and Behavioural Based Anomaly Detection. Thanks to the former technologies we can block even human-like bots.

The challenges our customers face

Account Takovers

Hackers use BOTs to break into accounts, steal valuable data, transfer digital assets and rewards, make unauthorized transactions, steal money, etc. If user accounts gets hacked, companies might end up losing their brand reputation. Grey Wizard protects you even from advanced BOT attacks like Distributed Brute Force and Credential Stuffing. - Grey Wizard Benefits: Protect customer accounts. Safeguard Trust.

Price and Content Scrapers

Some organisations don’t play fair and use BOTs to steal valuable content. Today everything gets scrapped: prices, inventory levels, product descriptions, articles, photos or even whole websites. These BOTs can often undermine some e-business models. Stolen content might even lead to SEO ranking degradation. How? When your content is copied and published on other websites it might be analysed by Google Bots first and outrank your website in search engine results. - Grey Wizard Benefits: Protect valuable content. Safeguard your SEO ranking position. Let your content be a competitive advantage.


BOTs publish unwanted content on websites. They post links or texts in comment forms or any other “fill in forms” you can think of. They can also register fake user accounts, create unwanted traffic and take part in Denial of Service attacks. - Grey Wizard Benefits: No unwanted post. No fake users. No slowing down of your website.

Distort Analytics

BOTs often represent from 30-80% of traffic on our clients websites. Their actions distort the results in analytics making it harder for marketing departments to draw conclusions about clients behaviour. - Grey Wizard Benefits: Clear view of real users behaviour.

Ad Fraud

Websites that publish ads can become a victim of ad-frauds - BOTs that lead to dummy impressions impacting the real effects of advertising. That might result in lower credibility and trust in ad offering. - Grey Wizard Benefits: Protect advertising revenue stream.

Hacking Intelligence

BOTs are used by hackers to do review the attack surface of a victim. They analyze what software/platform is used and in case they spot some vulnerability or an unpatched element they inform hackers about it. Then real professionals step in and serious hacking starts. - Grey Wizard Benefits: Your website’s weak points covered.

Indywidualne podejście do klienta

Jednym z atutów Grey Wizard jest możliwość dużej modyfikacji dostarczanej usługi. Dopasowanie może wykraczać daleko poza spersonalizowane reguły. Dodatkowo nasi eksperci regularnie analizują charakterystykę ruchu każdego klienta i modyfikują tarczę w taki sposób, aby zapewnić maximum bezpieczeństwa. Tak profesjonalne podejście jest rzadko spotykane na rynku.

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